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Pop Up Sockets for a Modern Look of Available Space

We, at Energy Light Bulbs, have one of the largest varieties of Pop Up Sockets available. Homeowners and interior designers are increasingly turning to this electric socket. Because of their stylish form and space-saving quality, whether put on the worktop or beneath a cabinet, these Pop Up Power Socket have become quite popular. They are simple to mount and install, and with the addition of a USB connector, they provide additional charging capabilities for your mobile phones or tablets.

Pop Up Sockets are Ideal for:

Living Room

How does Pop Up Power Socket Works?

A little silver handle can be found on the upper side of the ring that keeps the socket in the hole. If you gently lift this, you'll see a socket where you may plug in your laptop, phone, tablet, or other electrical device chargers. When the socket is lifted, a green stop/release button clicks into place, and when it is not in use, it releases. A green light also signifies that the power socket is operational.

Different Types of Pop Up Sockets at Energy Light Bulbs

Our offered range includes Stainless Steel Top Pop Up Socket With 2 USB Charging Port 3 Plug Sockets, Silver Top Power Tower Pop Up Socket With 2 USB Charging Port 3 Plug Sockets, Black Top Power Tower Pop Up Socket With 2 USB Charging Port 3 Plug Sockets, and many more.

Advantages of Pop Up Sockets

The numerous benefits that the best pop up sockets in the UK provide are tough to overlook. The following are some of the advantages of putting a modern Pop Up Power Socket:


Pop up sockets are easy to use and maintain since they are controlled. It’s convenient to buy Pop Up Power Socket online anytime. It keeps a clean appearance at all times because there are no cords strewn around your kitchen.

Aesthetic Beauty

When properly installed, this provides a tidy and beautiful look. Pop Up Sockets can be installed anywhere on your kitchen island. Rather than having wires tangled on your countertops, this provides you with a more organised appearance.


The socket eliminates the need for superfluous cables to be routed all over the kitchen when it is incorporated directly into the counter surface. The good thing is that you can get one that complements your kitchen backsplash.

Convenient Charging

Pop Up Sockets are designed to supply power to a variety of electrical gadgets. You may use them to charge your refrigerator, phone, stove, laptop, and other things.


Unlike ordinary plugs, it uses extremely little electricity. They're known for charging faster and quicker while using the same amount of electricity. This means you'll be able to make your meals in the shortest period while also saving money on your utility bills.


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