LED Batten Lights & Tri Proof Fittings

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Energy Light Bulbs is acknowledged as one of the top companies for supplying the best quality LED tube lights in the UK. We help consumers to replace conventional lighting systems with eco-friendly energy-saving lighting systems. The high-quality Led lights are available at affordable prices through the UK.

We are home to one of the most exclusive ranges of ceiling batten lights that are perfect to replace outdated-fashioned shades for entire areas of the home. We supply a design to meet all interiors, ensuring all the corners of the space have sufficient illumination. A batten light is an electrical fitting that contains a tube lamp to provide artificial lights. It is easy to fit to a wall or the ceiling.

Wide Range of Led tube lights at Energy Light Bulbs

10W LED Slim Batten Under Cabinet Tube Light Cool White 2 Feet T600CW, 20w LED Batten Light Tri-Proof Fitting 4ft Replacement T8 Fluorescent IP6618w 2ft Industrial LED Batten Tube Light IP Rated Cool White T8 Fluorescent Replacement, 36w 4ft Industrial LED Batten Tube Light IP Rated Warm White T8 Fluorescent Replacement, T8 LED Frosted Tube Light 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft Direct Replacement For Fluorescent Tube 6400K, 60w 5ft LED Batten Tube Light Non Corrosive IP Rated Triproof Fitting T8 Fluorescent Replacement, 15w 3ft LED Triproof Fitting IP Rated T8 Fluorescent Replacement, to name a few.

Why LED Ceiling Batten Lights are the Best?

These lights are environment-friendly, energy-efficient, maintenance-free; produce lesser heat, and durable when compared to fluorescent batten lights.
It provides uniform light and offers savings on power consumption.
LED tube lights are mercury-free, hence non-toxic.
Due to the higher color rendering index, the actual color of the objects is revealed.
This operates at low voltage efficiently.

Where LED tube lights can be used?

Following are some of the areas where LED tube lights find their applications:
car parks
train stations
utility rooms

Why Choose Us for LED Tube Lights?

Energy Light Bulbs has certain qualities that consumers can’t find anywhere else. It’s possible to receive the ordered product within the specified time. A buyer can find a variety of designs and patterns of ceiling batten lights which help them to meet their requirements and expectations. All products are reasonable in price, making it easy to buy LED tube lights online in addition to the different lighting systems.