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Emergency Lights – Styles Meets Safety

Energy Light Bulbs is one of the trusted names that supply the best quality Emergency Lights in the UK and across the globe. Emergency lighting is battery-powered lighting that turns on and illuminates when the main power goes off. This is frequently done to help individuals inside the building locate a safe way out. In the United Kingdom, there are currently emergency lighting rules that require all new larger buildings to have the appropriate emergency lights installed, while older structures must retrofit emergency lighting to ensure the facility is as safe as possible.

Types of Emergency Lights

There are many different types of emergency lights to choose from to meet your specific lighting requirements. Internal and external bulkhead emergency lighting is the most conventional style of emergency lighting. Most of them feature a polycarbonate body and tray that holds all of the components, and they can run for three hours without using any power and then recharge when power is restored.

Fire Emergency Lights

Illuminated fire exit signs, which light up to indicate where the exits are, are another common sort of emergency lighting. Emergency lighting can be used to illuminate a variety of various forms of fire signage.

LED Emergency Lighting

LED emergency lighting is becoming increasingly popular as a result of its energy-saving properties. LED downlights are a more recent addition to the market, and there is an emergency alternative available that includes a battery pack in the event of a power outage. It is also essential to replace batteries as soon as they cease to function properly. Buy emergency lights online to avoid unwanted problems!

What is the Significance of Emergency Lighting?

Emergency lighting must be installed in your building following set guidelines. There was a time when there were no emergency lighting systems and the probability of fire-related incidents was far higher. Emergency lighting is critical for public and private buildings to be lit at all times. Check out the below-mentioned pointers that state the importance of emergency lights:

1. It Maintains Safety

When a building's power goes out, how will inhabitants get around safely? Your emergency lighting will be operational round the clock without the use of your primary power source. In the event of an emergency, exit emergency lights can also be used to guide individuals. Even if there is still light, an exit light will assist individuals in finding their way out.

2. Saves Money for Your Company

If your office or shop experiences an unexpected power outage, emergency lighting can help you and your staff resumes work promptly while the source of your power is restored. As a result, you can cut down on downtime at work and save money on possible non-productivity during working hours.

Types of Emergency Lights Online at Energy Light Bulbs

How well-versed are you on the many types of emergency lighting devices available? While they all serve the same purpose, distinct units perform different tasks.


When the main power fails, this unit switches to a battery-powered output and continues to operate until the main power is restored.


When the main lighting system fails due to a power outage, this unit will turn on. For charging reasons, this item is only powered by the main power supply.

Combined Emergency Lights

The combined units are made up of two distinct lights. Daily, one of those lights is powered by the regular power source, while the backup energy supply powers the emergency light within the unit. Depending on the conditions, this system can be maintained or non-maintained.

Our offered emergency lights include LED Emergency Light Flush Mounted Maintained/Non Maintained EML05, 3w LED Emergency Light Non-Maintained/Maintained 180 Minutes With Green Legend Fire Exit EML02, 3w Recessed LED Emergency Ceiling Light Square Ultraslim Panel Non-Maintained 180 Minutes EML04, Emergency Battery Pack For LED Panel Light With 3 Hours Power Back-Up 12W To 48W, and Glass Emergency LED Light Bulkhead With Green Man Fire Exit Sleeve Ceiling Or Wall Mount EML01D.