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Low Voltage Bulbs – Less Power Consumption, Lasts Long

Are you looking to buy low-voltage bulbs online? Search nowhere else other than Energy Light Bulbs, the trusted name in the UK which supplies best quality lighting options for you. Landscape lighting options are becoming increasingly diverse as technology progresses, including the ability to choose from a variety of fixtures, bulb kinds, and power sources. LED (light-emitting diode) systems and low voltage bulbs are two popular options. Both of these lighting systems provide enough lighting along garden pathways through varied fixture designs, but their overall design have several advantages.

One of those variations is voltage, and understanding what voltage to use when purchasing any type of LED Bulb online is crucial. Mains voltage (also known as line voltage) and low voltage LED light bulbs are the two primary varieties. Some LEDs, on the other hand, are designed to operate at 12V rather than 230V, and hence do not include a driver. Low voltage bulbs are widely used in places where a mains supply is not accessible, such as cars, boats, and motor homes. Low voltage bulbs necessitate the use of an LED-compatible driver. These are comparable to transformers, but they are not interchangeable.

Popular Types of Low Voltage Bulbs at Energy Light Bulbs

Some of the most preferred choices for this kind of lighting options we have includes MR8 Halogen Bulb 10w 6v, 6V G4 Halogen 10w, MR8 Halogen Bulb 5w 6v, MR8 Halogen Bulb 10w 24v, MR8 Halogen Bulb 10w 24v, M32 GY6.35 Halogen 50w (12v), M75 GY6.35Halogen 35w (12v), MR8 Halogen Bulb 5w 12v, MR8 Halogen Bulb 20w 12v and many more.

Advantages of LED Bulb

Check out the below-listed common benefits when you plan to buy low voltage bulbs in the UK:

• Long-lasting
• Consumes less electricity
• Use sun’s energy; don’t need wire to connect for power
• Safe to install & maintain
• Inexpensive lighting option
• Cool to touch
• Gives living space soft illumination
• Contributes less heat to the surrounding
• Safe to install indoors, where heat sensitive plants are placed
• No high-voltage wires, safe to hide underneath the soil
• Environmental-friendly lighting option

Thus, these 12V lights pose no risk of electrical shock when compared to high-voltage lighting systems. Buy low-voltage LED bulbs from us and install them safely. These energy-efficient and long-lasting low-voltage lighting fixtures can be installed around your home, businesses, and landscapes, allowing you to sleep soundly at night with improved security and ambiance.