Spiral Bulbs

Upbeat the Style Quotient with Spiral Bulbs

Energy Light Bulbs is an authentic supplier of Spiral Bulbs in the UK and also provides many other lighting solutions. Spiral bulbs are currently the most popular energy-saving bulb on the market. CFL bulbs, which stand for 'Compact Fluorescent Lamps,' are a modern take on the linear fluorescents that were first manufactured as an alternative to the energy-guzzling incandescent bulbs that have since been phased out. Because of their new compact shape, these may now fit into the same sockets as incandescent bulbs.

Working of Spiral CFL Bulbs

Instead of using a filament, CFL bulbs use an electrical current to excite a gas called argon inside the tube. This produces a little quantity of ultraviolet light, which causes the inside of the bulb to shine. The inside of the glass casing is coated with a phosphate mix that includes manganese, rare elements. This includes lanthanum and yttrium as phosphates or oxides and a barium/aluminium oxide. The phosphophor components may differ slightly based on the lamp's color. Before you buy spiral bulbs, remember that when this fluorescent coating is exposed to UV radiation, a visible light is produced.

Where to Use Spiral Bulbs?

Spiral bulbs are most typically utilised in light fixtures with no exposed bulbs. These bulbs are fantastic for saving energy. Any fixture with a shade over the bulb would be a good fit for them. CFLs are commonly purchased by companies that require illuminating a large space or several locations, such as hospitality or an apartment complex. This helps to reduce energy usage and is without a doubt a great way to save money without sacrificing integrity.

Spiral Bulbs Available at Energy Light Bulbs

Today it is easy to order spiral bulbs online that include B22 Bayonet such as Warm White, Cool White. You may also purchase E27 Edison Screw, Coloured Spirals such as Prolite 15w Spiral B22 Yellow, Prolite 15w Spiral E27 Yellow, Prolite 15w Spiral E27 Green, Coloured 15w Spiral E27 Blue and many more.

Benefits of Spiral CFL Bulbs

Before you think to buy spiral bulbs online, check out the below-mentioned advantages:

1. Cost-Effective

The electricity bill will almost always be lower than for incandescent bulbs because CFLs typically consume one-third of the electricity used in a home. When the overall cost of ownership is evaluated, this includes the electricity bill, longevity, and other factors.

2. Eco-friendly

CFL bulbs are typically considered to be environmentally beneficial for their lifetime, a single spiral CFL bulb can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In comparison to incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs emit much less carbon dioxide.

3. Multipurpose & User-Friendly

Being user-friendly, spiral bulbs are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings. These are much more valuable because they can be used for so many different things. These can be utilized in a variety of ways, ranging from ceiling lights to lamps.